Woodbridge Park Education Service

Reporting Home

We understand the importance of working in partnership with our parents & carers.

In order to keep parents & carers informed of their child’s academic and personal progress, we do the following:

  • Every week, a simple report is posted home that highlights strengths and areas for improvement for behaviour, attendance and progress in school subjects. This provides parents & carers with the right information and data to be able to have a good discussion with their child about what needs to change to improve outcomes. It also makes sure that service staff are regularly assessing which child requires additional support and intervention.
  • Six times per year, a summative report is sent home which captures the progress pupils have made over a half-term. This gives more detail than the weekly report and also enables teachers to give an in-depth appraisal for each subject taught. Targets are also set for improvement which can be judged at the end of the next half-term.
  • We hold three parent consultation afternoons per year so that parents & carers can attend the service and listen in person to what teachers have to say about the academic and personal progress of their child. This is also a good opportunity to survey our parents & carers on their opinions and thoughts about different aspects of the service.

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