Woodbridge Park Education Service

Inspire Centre 

Our students are offered a broad and balanced curriculum.  This curriculum makes provision for the literacy, numeracy, communication and emotional delays that many of our pupils are managing, and it develops the whole person through cross-curricular spiritual, moral, social & communication strategies, which instil a sense of tolerance and understanding towards each other and an acceptance of difference.  One group of Year 11 students undertake an Internship for 30 weeks on Thursdays. This entails a series of meetings with the Spark Group and potential employers, a site visit and work placements.  This opportunity successfully launched in October 2022.

In line with our service vision, mission & objectives, our intention is to:

  • - Develop the whole person – socially, emotionally and academically; enabling excellent progress
  • - Develop teamwork, a good work ethic, strong relationships and tolerance towards others
  • - Provide personalised learning
  • - Remove barriers to learning
  • - Provide relevant enrichment activities
  • - Prepare pupils for mainstream school and / or the next step in their educational journey
  • - Include our children in their learning and give them a voice


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