Woodbridge Park Education Service


We value real-world experiences and understand that not all learning can take place in the traditional classroom.

As part of our curriculum, we make sure that there are many opportunities to go out into the world; beyond the boundaries of the classroom and service setting so that our pupils to have a far richer and broader experience.

Some examples of the fantastic offer we make to our pupils are:

  • Regular visits for primary pupils to local parks and woodland to get an outdoor experience away from suburban life.
  • Curriculum visits to have a ‘real’ experience such as: visits to SKY TV STUDIOS, Victorian Christmas at Richmond Park, visits to WW1 Memorials.
  • Careers and Further Education visits to enable pupils to make appropriate decisions about their future: all local FE colleges and those in surrounding Boroughs are visited.
  • Regular theatre visits so that drama and literature can be brought to life.
  • A rich programme of artists and other professionals attending our hospital school to provide hands-on experiences to our pupils who would otherwise feel isolated.

We also recognise that our students do not get many opportunities to be in the countryside and greenery, so some of our centres run extensive PE / Sports programmes, off-site at large outdoor parks such as the local Osterley Park. This means that they can enjoy a wider range of sports in a healthier and more natural experience.

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